Imagine not being able to perform the most basic daily tasks

Essential tremor is the most common movement disorder in the US

The Problem

Many patients suffer at least 18 years from Essential Tremmor

52%of people diagnosed with E.T. are categorized as mild, 32% as moderate, and 16% as suffering from severe tremors. Usually, the first signs start between the age of 40 and 50. The average patient's age is 69.

79%of patients cannot perform even basic daily tasks

Essential Tremor affects a person's ability to eat, drink, write or perform other basic tasks, essentially depriving patients of the ability to perform basic tasks necessary to lead an independent, active life.

Ca. 3% of the US population (10 mil people) are affected

Each year there are about 25,000 new patients diagnosed with Essential Tremor.

Our solution

A small wearable wrist strap that offers a customized solution that eliminates the effects of hand tremors

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Meet the Team

Eldar Sivan

Legal Affairs

Prof. Gerry Leisman

Regulatory and clinical expert

Ariel Micaeli

V.P. Engineering

Yehuda Fuhrer

CTO, COO and Co-Founder

Emil Kamea

CEO and Co-Founder

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