The PaPayoma Solution

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The Problem

Imagine not being able to perform the most basic daily tasks

Many patients suffer at least 18 years from Essential Tremmor

52% of people diagnosed with E.T. are categorized as mild, 32% as moderate, and 16% as suffering from severe tremors. Usually, the first signs start between the age of 40 and 50. The average patient's age is 69.

79% of patients cannot perform even basic daily tasks

Essential Tremor affects a person's ability to eat, drink, write or perform other basic tasks, essentially depriving patients of the ability to perform basic tasks necessary to lead an independent, active life.

Ca. 3% of the US population (10 mil people) are affected

Each year there are about 25,000 new patients diagnosed with Essential Tremor.

Using Simple Physics For A Unique Solution ​

We are basing our technology on wave interference. that is that when two opposite vibrations meet each other at the right moment they cancel each other out.

A proprietary program

Our program will be able to measure the tremor's vibration and calculate the necessary counter-vibration and force needed to be applied on the hand to stabilize it

A mix of A.I. and M.L. that ensures an individual solution

The device measures the hand tremors (vibrations) and returns a calculated mechanical feedback which reduces the tremors, by A.I. and ML that learns the patient specific tremor

The PaPayoma Solution

We are on a mission to fight Essential Tremor with an innovative approach to empower our customers to live an independent and fulfilling life

Our ambition is to solve a problem that affects about 100 million people worldwide

billion 0 $
by 2028

The Market Is Expected To Enjoy A CAGR Of Over 9.3% During 2020-2028

Just THE GLOBAL DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION MARKET, WHICH is only a fraction of the total tremor market, IS PREDICTED TO BE

Competitive Market

Comparing our features with our competitors'

Where We Are Headed

Our plans and goals for the next 24 months


Prototyping and human trials

Finishing design and begin building mature product

Filing for regulatory approvals

Full rollout with go-to market and distribution activities (once FDA/CE approval received)


focus on design validation and product development

have a fully functional product

build a strong reputation in the field of tremor controlling devices

Financial Highlights

High Returns

Attractive Investment

High returns, with 23% EBITDA during the 5-year forecasted period 40% Profit margin after two years of go-to-market.

Break Even

12 Month

We are working towards breaking even within 12 months after going to market, with a forecasted sales revenue of $2 mil within these 12 months.


Investment needs

We are seeking an initial investment of $5 million to fund the development stage of our first product as well as initial marketing and roll-out costs.

Financial Projections

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